I was born and raised in the historical streets of Jerusalem. In the past few years I've been living in a rented apartment in Tel Aviv. The tension between the house you grew up in and the home you build for yourself is a matter that occupies my mind. 
From a young age, I've been a true junkie for visual culture. I was surrounded by art and design ever since I can remember. To me design is addictive. The ability to create a new world, to express emotion, ideas and experiences in a way that is precise and personal is something out of the ordinary. 
My main addiction is art direction and image making, typography, web design and branding. I believe that what guides me most in my work as a designer is my somewhat childish love for role playing. In each project I take upon myself a different role, a new character. The drama, the fantasy, the thrill - those are my motivators.
I have not yet chosen my favorite character, for the time being I'm enjoying the game.
Tel Aviv, 25, third year (B.des) Visual Communication Design at Shankar College of design
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